The Year of the Arm Mac


As highlighted by AnandTech, the new 10th-generation chips will be built on the 14++nm architecture and will reach higher than ever speeds.

To think that 45w 10nm chips were expected years ago and Intel is still on pushing 14nm is staggering. To me, the meta story here is: how long until Apple moves all of its notebook computers to Arm chips?

I suspect we’ll see something at WWDC this year. If I had to guess, I’d wager that Apple will start at the low end with the MacBook Air and possibly reintroduce the 12” MacBook.

Could they make something powerful enough to run in the 13 and 16 inch MacBook Pros in the next few years? I don’t know. But, looking at the progress they’ve made with the iPhone and iPad in recent years, I wouldn’t rule anything out.

Dave Nott @_davenott