Notes, tasks & time tracking

All playing together nicely.

Coming soon for iOS, macOS and watchOS

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Who is this guy?

My name is David Nott, I'm an iOS app developer and podcaster.

This app has been in my mind for a while, and unlike my previous projects, I’ve decided to do things a little differently. For better or worse, I’m putting it out there before it’s ready, looking for feedback and beta testers to help make this the best app it can be.

My daily struggle

Juggling multiple projects


Notes & tasks lacked context

Out of sight, out of mind


Failing to track time

So here's what I'm making

Notes, tasks and time tracking

All in the same place

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Navigate multiple projects

With pinned tasks

Making a task list for each of your projects is great, but then you have multiple lists you keep track of...

With pinned tasks, any task with a due date will "auto pin" three days before it's due, and you can manually pin tasks.

Pinning tasks ahead of time helps me make a plan for my day, meaning I can get on with the work instead of wondering "what should I be working on next?"

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It goes where you go

When things leave my sight, they quickly leave my mind. That’s why I’m building for iPhone, iPad, Mac and the Apple Watch. No matter where I decide to work, I can keep a sharp eye on what’s up next.

Time tracking

No more guessing

Time tracking and I have a difficult relationship, I’ve forgotten to do it and had to guess too many times. That’s no way to work.

That’s why I’m building in the ability to time track from the Mac, iOS and the Apple Watch, leaving myself no excuse.

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Unlock your thoughts with Apple Pencil

Sometimes, words just don’t cut it and I need to draw to make sense of an idea.

Go full screen and draw away, when you’re done, drop your drawing in line with your notes, keeping everything in context.

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Everything you need to get stuff done

Pinned Tasks

Pinning tasks helps to manage multiple projects. Tasks with due dates will auto-pin ahead of time to keep you on track.

Simple Lists

For simple stuff, like shopping lists, errands etc. Powerful features are great, but sometimes simplicity is key.

Rich Lists

Helping to manage more complex projects where extra notes and resources, due dates and time tracking are needed.


Lists can be shared with users via CloudKit, make a share read only, or full read/write.

Saved Lists

Buy the same things at the grocery store each week? Make your grocery list a saved list, and reuse it each week.

Repeating Tasks

Have an ongoing project with a regular, recurring task? Create a repeating tasks and have it reappear at a set interval.


Built with privacy and security at its core. I couldn't see your data, even if I wanted to. (I don't!)

Apple Pencil

Supports the Apple Pencil allowing you to harness the power of this incredible accessory for iPad.

Made With Love

I’m no big corporation, just one guy, passionate about the Apple ecosystem and wanting to make awesome apps.


In an ideal world, this project would be a labour of love, but with a family, house, car and a greedy Labrador to feed, it means I need to involve myself in the dirty business of asking for your money.



  • Unlimited simple lists
  • One rich list
  • One saved live
  • Max of 10 pinned tasks
  • Read only sharing
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  • Unlimited rich lists
  • Saved Lists
  • Repeating tasks
  • Auto-pin by due date
  • Read & write sharing
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I'm not 100% settled on the monetisation strategy at this point, but this is what I have in mind for the moment. I'd welcome your (thoughtful) feedback on this.